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Themes compatibility

Modified on: Wed, 21 Mar, 2018 5:23 PM

This article shows how all-purpose our themes are.

  Our themes are compatible with:

  • Various devices:

    • Fullscreen desktops,
    • Portable devices;
  • All popular web-browsers:

    • Google Chrome,
    • Firefox,
    • Safari,
    • Opera,
    • IE11+;
  • Freshdesk plans:

    • Estate
    • Forest
  • Applicable Freshdesk versions:

    • support portal;
  • Languages:

    • All the 34 languages supported by Freshdesk;
  • support portal pages:

    • All the support portal pages.


  • Freshdesk Sprout, Blossom, and Garden plans don't support customized templates, so our themes are not compatible with them.

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