Welcome to Freshservice

about 5 years ago
Your Freshservice account is now ready.To get started, please head over to the Admin tab and start exploring your helpdesk.During the trial, your Freshservice account will remain completely free on our highest plan and will have unlimited access to all of our features. So, please feel free to invite your teammates over and let them have a look.We’d love to have your feedback.
Here are a few quick links to get you started :
  1. Getting Started with Freshservice
  2. Implementing ITIL Workflows and Best Practices
  3. Setting up your Self Service Portal
If you have any questions, just shoot out an email to support@freshservice.com or call us at +1-(877)-485-0317.
Freshservice Team.
P.S.: This is a default announcement and can be removed whenever you want.
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